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Saigon Silicon City Center is a component items of the project Construction and development of the Silicon City Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park. HCM. 

The goal of building Saigon Silicon City Center to research, technological development, connecting the high-tech community, supporting industry of Vietnam in foreign countries, the international corporations on cooperation, research, application creation and technology transfer. At the same time, create a healthy investment climate, friendly, operating under the standard model of the US Silicon Valley, a synchronous ecosystem for high-tech enterprises at home and abroad to work and study lamb. Since then, will contribute to the development of high-tech industries of the city. HCM to a new height. Saigon Silicon City has an area of over 52ha, with a total investment of over 860 billion, availability of infrastructure, utilities, improvement of support services to give priority to smoking is now the Vietnam abroad who work in high-tech fields of investment, research and production of high-tech products branded Vietnam. the project will also support enterprises to invest in Saigon Silicon City with the lowest investment cost, in order to help these enterprises improve their competitiveness on the world market. The goal of Saigon Silicon City is not just to attract investment projects on processing technology products from foreign countries, but also with the combination of research and development and applications, directly produce technology or corresponding products. project Silicon Saigon City is expected to attract ethnic Vietnamese in the developed countries in science and technology as the US, Japan, Britain, Germany, Korea, Singapore, has is successful in the fields of high technology, especially the Vietnam enterprises in Silicon Valley (USA) in the country for investment and high-tech development in Vietnam, contributing to boosting the innovation of the country and reduced the gap in the level of science and technology in Vietnam compared to the world and the region. Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem said, Tp. HCM is a priority focus on developing high-tech industries, resource development for business startups, innovation. Saigon Silicon City Center launch will promote cooperation and transfer, development of science and technology and the creation of the high-tech products branded Vietnam, creating value-added new high-tech park in particular and the city. HCM general.

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